At His Pace

“Perfection is attained by slow degree; it requires the hand of time.”


John Lee got the washout today. He did very well. His chest is doing well–no infection. It looks like we will play the long game. He is still swollen, but making progress steadily. Tonight I observed that his head has shrunk considerably.

His attending physician told us that they are watching for Arrhythmia. It may be caused by the wires connected to his heart, so he is not on any medication for it.

“Their goal is to take it at his pace.”

So this is where we are. Due to the swelling it does not look like closing the chest will be happening this Wednesday. During the washout they tried closing and they were sure that he is not ready.

His head is considerably smaller

In other news, grandma is coming back this Wednesday. She is coming with a great friend of ours. We are excited. Henry is over the moon. He is asking by the hour when she will be here.

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