Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

Jesus the Carpenter

In a little one month old baby’s time everything goes quickly. It is amazing what can happen in a matter of hours.

I drove back home to Temecula on Wednesday, and got back to Stanford last night, Friday. I did not miss much, at the same time a lot has happened.

Thursday night Amy told me that John Lee was ready for his chest be closed. His doctors were talking about ‘sometime’ the next day, Friday. Friday morning came and we were certain that the procedure would be done at some point that day.

I had planned to start driving back Friday morning-ish. At around 11 AM Amy called me and said the did not have a surgeon available to do his procedure. She was frustrated. 

We are certainly ready for the next step. John Lee has had his chest open long enough. At the same time we are thankful that they are able to ‘kick the can’ along. It means that he is doing well. Also understanding that there are limited resources, we appreciate the work they are doing for babies. 

I am with him as I am typing this. They are currently prepping him for the procedure which has been scheduled for 8:30 this morning. 

My trip south coincided with grandma Sue coming up. She came with Tanya Haynes. Henry is over the moon.

Thank you for not ceasing to pray for John Lee. We are encouraged each day and looking forward to the next phase, which is removing the breathing tube.

One thought on “Closure

  1. Indeed we stand with you in thanking God for this milestone and continue trusting Him to finish the good work He has started.


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