We Are Moving Along

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but it empties today of its strength.”

Charles Spurgeon

It has been a few days since our last update. A lot has happened during these days even thought it has felt slow for us.

First, we start with John Lee:

John Lee is making positive strides. They have removed the line that went to his heart, both chest tubes, and some other wires that were monitoring things. His CPAP is off and he is now on a basic breathing cannula. All his drip medications are off! He is being weaned off the last of his pain meds. The last step is to get him back on formula. We are almost to the recovery floor! 

The Rhino CPAP is gone!

Losing most of the tubes means that we hold him easier. We are thank for this because John Lee has not been held much since birth. The more strings he loses the sooner Henry will get to ‘squeeze’ his little brother.

What needs to happen is they need to see that no fluid builds up in his chest from the formula. The chest tubes came out sooner than they had wanted. The entry sights were not looking as good as they like and decided to pull them since the tubes had been in so long. So now they have to monitor the fluid differently. We are praying he has no issues switching back to formula, and eventually back to mommy’s milk. 

We can have lots of snuggles now with so many things out of him. Physical therapy and occupational therapy come by regularly to work with him and give him messages. Lucky boy! They showed Amy to let him practice sucking on her finger. He does so great! 

While putting this post together the attending doctor just reminded me that tomorrow is a big day as John Lee will go back to feeding. He also mentioned that, depending on how the feeding goes, he may be moved out of the ICU on Monday.

Second, Life after Stanford:

In previous posts I mentioned that John Lee was born at the tail-end of my final university semester. During this semester I had taken few job interviews and continued to pursue job/career endeavors while were are here in Stanford to the tune that I have gone back home twice for interviews since we have been here. 

This week I was asked by my potential employer if I am still interested in the position I had interviewed for recently so that they can prepare an offer. We have to wait until some time next week to receive the said offer and are hopeful for great news. 

These are the main happenings of this past week. We are hoping to make at least to post each week, with a special update for any major events.

Resting away!

Stanford – Settling

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

 Thomas Aquinas

John Lee looks to be getting settled in the Stanford Children’s Hospital system. This morning his attending doctor told us that he did well last night. They are getting the results that they are looking to achieve. For now, we wait to hear from his attending doctor this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Amy and I checked into the Stanford Ronald McDonald House. We are grateful to have accommodations beyond what we expected. Our stay here is indefinite as it all depends on the care that John Lee will receive and the recovery thereof. 

My graduation is tomorrow. Obviously I will not be there. It is bitter-sweet. On one hand I completed my degree (finally), on the other I cannot walk. I have been looking forward to this moment for years. Last week I was hoping I could bring my two boys to see me walk. Somethings are more important than others, therefore John Lee’s health must take priority.

While we are at Stanford, we are admiring the streets and the surrounding features. We are thankful to live here, in this state, in this country.