Since We Arrived at Home…

“A broken heart is a reminder of our only source of power.”

Elisabeth Elliot

I must apologize to everyone for taking so long to update this blog. You all followed an intense journey and then there was silence. There’s is a very good explanation as to why. 

Happy boys, busy momma!
First few days home

We got home and life started going 100 mph. For a little over 2 months, John had a feeding tube in his nose, which he liked to pull out daily. I spent much of my time reposition it in his nose and arguing on the phone with the supplier to send more. Hallelujah praise the Lord John learned to eat on his own and we got that thing out! It took two months of occupational therapy to get there. But we did it! Aside from that all keeping us busy, John has had 3 standing apppointments.

Jolly baby John!

EVERY WEEK since August and often more like 4 to 5. He was seeing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and having an infant care teacher working with weekly. And for the first two months he was seeing his pediatrician weekly for weight checks. John was underweight to the point of not being on the growth chart. And then we had typically one specialist appointment almost every week. Caridiology, neurology, gastroenterology, nutritionist, and Ophthalmology were his specialist, and we even saw a few more. Taking care of him is a full time job. Once we are home from all the appointments, I still have to work with him on his strength. And did I mention I pumped every three hours through all of this? Thankfully I’m only pumping once a day now! Although my heart wants him to have my milk which is the absolute best I could give him, I came for the conclusion that I’m a better mommy if I’m not driving my self crazy trying to pump all the time. Henry and John Lee both need me, I can’t take my time with them away so that I can pump.  

So as you can see I was a “little” preoccupied. 

So that this post isnt a book, I will try to post a series of updates of what has happened since coming home. 

Henry and John soon after arriving home

I do want to thank all of you though for your continued prayers and encouragement through this. The scary part is over but we are far from done on this journey. We continually see God working miracles in this sweet little guys life. I can’t wait to share more with you!