A Different Kid

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.

December 16

John’s cardiology appointments usually include an echocardiogram to check how the conduit is doing. In case anyone doesn’t know, John Lee had a conduit (plastic tube) placed in his heart to act as his pulmonary artery. 

We started noticing around the end of October that John was getting worn out easily and was breaking out in a sweat while eating. In November they saw that blood flow was restricted through the tube. So John needed to have a stent placed to open it back up. We spent 24 hours in the hospital December 16th. He was a champ from start to finish. As he woke up from the anesthesia he was already a new kid! 

Since placing the stent he has gone from not making it onto the growth chart to jumping to the 15th percentile! His doctors are amazed at the weight he has been putting on. His pediatrician asked how I’ve been getting him gain so much. I told the doctor my only explanation is a lot of people are praying. We cannot begin to thank everyone enough for the faithful prayers being lifted up on John’s behalf. Sincerely, thank you.