Side Step

Yesterday morning I was in John Lee’s room early. When I arrived, I was told that they had big plans to start feeds later in the day. He was peacefully sleeping most of the morning.

Back on the CPAP

At one moment alarms went off on his monitor. The nurse was checking on her other patient at this moment (John Lee had progressed to having a shared nurse instead of a dedicated one/two). When she returned she went straight to the oxygen, when I assumed he was desaturated.

Some time later I left to switch with Amy and also run some errands.

I spent the rest of the day with Henry.

Energetic Henry yesterday

In the evening Amy called and said John Lee has been having strange episodes and his lung had collapsed and the team at the hospital have been trying to figure out what is happening. She decided it was important that she stays at the hospital with him and get news from the team.

They had X-ray done which confirmed the collapsed lung. Other major concern is seizures, which were also confirmed later last night through an electroencephalogram( EEG). 

EEG monitoring brain activity

Since then he had three more last night and he is now on medication to control the seizures.

The plan now is for John Lee to have a CT or MRI either today or tomorrow.

The feeds were started yesterday and the new episode has not detracted that progress. He is continuing to progress with feeding steadily. The CPAP is also going to be removed today and he will go back to the hi-flow.

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