We are Thankful

“Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope in things that are not at hand.”

Thomas Aquinas

Last Monday Henry and I travelled to home. I had a job interview in San Diego. During that time Amy made gave us an update. You can read it here.

Since the last update a lot has happened. First, since the breathing tube came out and they are progressively lowering the help he is getting from the CPAP. This means that his lungs are getting stronger to work without the help. He is also on the lowest amount of morphine that can get from the drip. We are hoping he will be weaned off it soon.

Second, the strip covering John Lee’s sutures came off today. For the first time we can see his scare and the doctor’s handy work.

This morning Amy posted on Facebook that she could feel not holding John Lee for over a month. A number of friends followed in offering and praying for her so she could hold her baby. Minutes later the nurse asked of the last time she was able to hold him. She went on to say it is about time she held him again. 

What followed was two hours of uninterrupted mother and son bonding time. I walked in and I held him for a full hour as well. We are thrilled! Little things we take for granted mean a lot more when we do not have access to them. We are thankful to experience and to know this.

More visitors came. We are thrilled to have the Gomez; Norman, Lisa, Kyle and Natalie with us this weekend. Oh! my! Henry is over the moon (So are we)! 

Friends Indeed

We are thankful for all our friends. Your prayers. Your thoughts. Your encouragements. Your gifts. We are not alone as we walk this road. So thank you!

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