Six Weeks Old

“In every thing give thanks…”

Saint Paul

Six weeks ago today our little fighter joined us. As the days go by we are learning that there should be an army of these little guys, because there is quite a good number of them. Everyday were meeting or seeing another family anticipating to take home a little guy or gal. John Lee has made an impression on us, and we are growing along with him.

The ladies in John’s Life
On our first date since John Lee’s birth

His grandmother and Tonya left today. It was great to have them around. While they were here they relieved Amy and I were were able to go on a date.

Thank you Grandma Sue and Tonya!

Henry loves them. If he had his way they would live here with him.

While they were here they saw John Lee before and after his chest closure. We were hoping that grandma sue would be here when we learn his care. John Lee is taking his sweet time, therefore we do not know when we will be learning about his care.

Not much has been happening. When things happen we tend to look at them as almost normal. We do not want to them to be status quo, but we are learning to appreciate the boring, uneventful days, still. 

Since the closure he puffed up again. Supposedly it is normal after such procedures. His arterial line quit functioning and they had to replace it. They had radiology do it. That did not work. Last resort was to do it surgically. 

Two days ago

For next few days we will be looking to more recovery. He is doing it slowly, but surely so that is what we are anticipating. Since the closure they have been taking things out slowly, especially medicine. They are also letting him breath on his on, somewhat. This is the pace we are expecting. 

With how fast time is going, in no time we will be holding him.

One thought on “Six Weeks Old

  1. To God be all the glory indeed for John Lee’s life and progress and also for your faith, I am encouraged and challenged every time I read up on your updates.


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