Little Victories, One Day at a Time

“…Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.”

James the just

When they first told us something was wrong with our baby’s heart we knew it was going to be a long hard road. But we had no idea it would be this hard. Being away from home, dealing with postpartum hormones, and watching our child lie in a bed full of tubes not being able to snuggle him has been unbelievably hard. The stress is heavy. 

And this waiting game isn’t helping. 

Yesterday was an especially hard day. We went to the hospital excited to see John and hear about the progress he had made. Our hearts were fully expectant of good news. But we were sorely disappointed. 

His swelling has increased. He had stopped responding to the diuretic that was reducing the swelling. His arterial line, that was just put in over the weekend, was not working. These were just a couple of the different things that were not going well. All the steps they were taking to move forward had come to a halt. Our hearts dropped. 

His swelling is what is holding up the healing process. And the longer he is open the more risk of infection. We started asking people to pray.

Today we came to the hospital, still hopeful, but weary. Amy walked in and saw his feet. The swelling had gone down! The nurse said John Lee’s body was responding to the diuretic again! Not only was it responding, but they were able to give him the maximum dose! They haven’t been able to do that all week. He is still very swollen, his head was actually slightly more swollen, but we are seeing progress and he is handling it so well. Pee has never been so exciting! 

When asked about the arterial line, the nurse said it works great. No issues! The doctors said they believe he has turned a corner. All his numbers and his body’s response to medication is encouraging the doctors and making us ecstatic. We are so over joyed! God is so good! 

Tonight I walked in at 10:45 PM. While his attending nurse was giving an update I could tell, visually, that his swelling has gone down. Moments later the attending physician walked in and observed the same. When she left she said the team will be discussing closing John’s chest this weekend. One step closer! 

Thank you for staying the course with us. We appreciate your prayers, time you spend commenting, checking on us and wonderful gifts. 

3 thoughts on “Little Victories, One Day at a Time

  1. We rejoice with your family and send hugs to baby John Lee. God is faithful, He will complete the work He has begun!!!
    I pray His presence wrap you up in His love.


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