Slow days 2.0

“Faith is substance of things hoped for…”

Author of Hebrews

John Lee is exactly 4 weeks old today. I would love to hold him. Yesterday I was talking with Henry about what we are looking forward to do when John Lee is better. We agreed that we want kiss him, hold him, hug him and give him the squeeze. Henry does an impression of what it looks like to squeeze John Lee—it’s hilarious. So we have been praying for John Lee to get better. 

It’s 10:48 PM. I put Henry to sleep over an hour ago. I am now visiting with John Lee. The last time I was here was early this morning, for my routine ‘checking in.’ Today has been much different. 

It has also been a week since the surgery. After the surgery we were told that they would close his chest last Friday. So we are learning that it is not as it seems. We love optimism, but too much of it can turn one into a skeptic when there is nothing to show for it.

Since the surgery there has been a blood clot in his right arm; the arm was turning purple. It was distressing. His arterial line stopped working so last Sunday they installed a femoral line. The significance is that there is higher chance of infection with the new femoral line. 

The good news is that some of the swelling is gone, but not much to sing about at the same time. 

Meanwhile, Henry is homesick. He hasn’t been himself lately. So we have been intentional in spending time with him. It is hard to maintain the routine we had so we are improvising but keeping some form of routine with him. We took him for a train ride in the red woods today. He had a grand time.

Each day has its challenges, maybe subtle but still challenging. We remain hopeful and looking forward to the day we will hold and squeeze John Lee.

3 thoughts on “Slow days 2.0

  1. John Lee – He is surrounded by love and unceasing prayer. Who knows what great things the Spirit is doing inside each of us. Stretching our faith as we keep our eyes firmly on our Lord who we know loves John Lee more than we do ❤️.


  2. We hope along side you… for days when you all can squeeze and hug and kiss your sweet John Lee. We pray along side you… asking for the healing hand of God to pass over John’s tiny body and bring him to a full healing so that he can go home with his family. Be strong Kufa Family – Be Strong in Hope and Love. We will stand strong in our conviction along side you! Love and hugs from everyone at the office.


  3. I’m sensing the disappointment. Grateful in your trust in the Lord and His timing about all things. We are currently meeting as Elders and are praying for you.


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