Brotherly Love

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”

Marc Brown

John Lee had the Cath Lab done this evening (May 23). It went well and and he is currently resting. When I saw him, about 10:30 PM, he was just waking up. All this means that they doctors did not get the results they were hoping for last night and we are looking at Wednesday, May 29 as the surgery date. Overall he’s looking well. We will be looking to hear from his doctors for a full report tomorrow. 

John Lee recovering from the Cath Lab

Henry woke up in great spirits this morning. He played with cars before we went downstairs for breakfast. He was looking forward to go to the ‘hose-pital’ to see the train and John Lee, in that order. He was not disappointed. Rady’s Hospital has a train, it was fun. Stanford took it up a notch or a few notches. The boy had a great time with it. 

We later met with the child life therapist. She had a teddy bear with lines to mimic John’s appearance. It was not a hit. We should have had planned for her to put lines on a car, which she said she had done before. Henry Gray was glad to meet his brother. On the way it the children welcome team at the hospital gave him a bunny for brother. Henry was happy to give it to his brother. When it was removed for brothers ‘giraffe warmer’ (bed), he made sure it was back in it. He talked about John Lee throughout the day.

Our little warrior

We glad he is taken by his brother. It is great to see, especially now. As rough as it may be, the family is close. As John Lee is fighting each day, it is great to see his big brother being part of it. 

Earlier in the day we talked about whether the three year old Henry will remember this season later. We are doing our part to document the times and experiences as much as possible in this blog and in pictures. 

The four of us together

Even in tough times we remain hopeful because of the love we see around us. The support we are receiving from our community is incredible. We are grateful to be blessed by you. 

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