Henry Gray is here!

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

St. Paul

So they had the conference/meeting today. We did not get much new information. It has been clarified that they are looking for John Lee to grow a little bit more, if possible. A bigger John Lee means easier surgical procedure. So today going forward they will continue to remove apparatus that is assisting his being so they can determine what he needs and how much he can do it on his own. The better he does the longer the wait. 

They also got more information from San Diego. The Cath Lab that was done there was not as comprehensive as the doctors here would like. Depending how he does tonight, he may have to do another Cath as soon as tomorrow or Friday. If he does better, just as the surgery, we will wait longer. By the way, he has May 29 as the surgery day. Again, if he does well he may be bumped off for another day in future.

John Lee is the main news but his big brother is here! Henry Gray and his grandparents Loren and Sue arrived this evening. They said he did really well for a three year old traveling 441 miles. He gave us his famous hugs and even tried to show me how do the ‘squeeze.’

At dinner he put a smile on a lady who later told us he was just a joyful kid. I agree!

Tomorrow we have arranged for Henry to meet with a therapist to transition him into meeting his brother. She has tools such as dolls attached with similar devices as John Lee. Henry has not met John Lee yet. This event is worth putting on video.

Our home away from home

In the next few days we will be transitioning into having Henry Gray here and getting into a routine. Routines may be boring but as we have learnt, boring is good.

There are a lot of activities here so there will not be much idle time.

We are grateful to have the entire Kufa family together and the grandparents here with us.

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