Another Day at Stanford — One Day at a Time

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

St. Paul

It has been raining a lot while here in Palo Alto. Everything is green or wet. It is also cold. It does not feel like we are still in California. I guess we are just not used to seeing this amount of rain.

Yesterday we walked to the mall, the greenly triggered Amy’s allergies. This morning she thought it better to stay away from the baby, just in case the tickle in her throat is something else.

So, morning I decided to walk to the hospital from the Ronald McDonald House so Amy had the car. My goal was to get in just in time to catch the doctors making their rounds. It is about half a mile walk—well, I was able to cut through the mall, probably shortened that walk. I also figured I might as well get familiar with this place. It is amazing what you may seen when you walk unlike driving.

When the doctors got to John Lee’s room they were happy with his numbers. Guess what? The better the numbers the longer the wait. His attending doctor told me that the Cath Lab is still on the table, but they are waiting for vein pressure numbers from San Diego. Their justification for a second Cath is the more information they have the better they will be able to do the procedure. 

The familiar scene of John Lee’s room

Tomorrow they are presenting John Lee’s case. The attending said the surgery will be, tentatively, a week from tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day!

Beautiful colors in Palo Alto

Also, tomorrow Loren, Sue (Amy’s parents) and Henry will join us. Loren and Sue will head back to Temecula on Sunday. It will be great to have family around for a few days…and of course we are excited for the first born here. He missed today’s dinner. It was hosted by Stanford University Men’s Basketball Team. He would have enjoyed it (I know it!). 

We have also been deciding about the experience of being at the Ronald McDonald House. Since we both commuted to college, we think that is akin to dorm living. Look out for a post about the experience soon.

I think we will walk more. Hopefully the heat will turn up a few notches. The rain does bother me, I love the green and wet weather. It feels clean. 

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