Boring Days Are The Best Days

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

– King David
Lobby at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

This past weekend we had to learn about routine. As much as we would like to race to recovery we are learning that things just do not work that way. There is a lot of wait time. 

Let me nerd out some. When learning about performance, especially in business, they teach us about value adding and non-value adding activities. Activities are viewed in terms of process time, inspection time, move time, queue time, and wait time. Of all of these activities the only one that adds value is process time. So we try to minimize all the non-value adding activities so the cycle is streamlined.  

Since the day John Lee was born we have been waiting, processing, inspecting, moving, and queuing. So have the people following his life and progress. He was born at Sharp Mary Birch, then moved to Rady’s. At Rady’s they inspected him, while we were queuing for housing. He was moved to Stanford, Palo Alto. We queued for housing at the Ronald McDonald house while John Lee was being inspected. Currently we are waiting for other processes 

Amy using colostrum for oral care

During this time, John Lee has been tapered off a lot of medications. He is awake a lot. It is great to see him move as opposed to when he was under paralytics. We have also been able to get few effects done. The nurse yesterday helps get foot prints of John Lee. Amy was ecstatic! We have also been able to administer oral cleansing using colostrum

His attending doctor told us the ‘boring days are the best’ because it means that there is not much commotion or activities. So we are learning to appreciate boring days.

Today was another mostly boring day. We rejoice in little things like he moved a lot. His eyes were open more and looking at us. He responded to us singing and reading to him. It is amazing how much joy he is bringing to us.

Look at those eyes

In the next few days John Lee is going to get a Cath Lab to map his blood vessels. The doctors will use that information to discuss plans going forward. We are expecting that they will make the decision on surgery this Wednesday. 

Boring days

9 thoughts on “Boring Days Are The Best Days

  1. Amy and Monty we are very familiar with the cath lab and will pray God will lead John’s doctor’s to make the best decisions for him. How are the both of you doing? Let me know if l can help with anything or you want to talk or pray.


  2. Continuing to follow along with you in Prayer and HOPE! We will remain strong in Faith and Belief that all things are possible for the Hand of God. Hugs


  3. Loved seeing John’s eyes bright and alert, attentive to Amy’s voice as she spoke to him. We rejoice with you in these boring and beautiful days. Love you guys so very, very much! Praying continually for John Lees healing, your hearts to continue to be knit together in unity, strength and wisdom as you care for your boys and for big brother Henry to get to you soon.


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