We Are Ready For Henry Gray

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

– Francis Davison

Thoughtful little guy

Unlike Rady’s Children Hospital, Stanford allows children in the ICU as long as they are healthy. This is a huge change.

First, Henry has not met his brother yet. We don’t know how he would do meeting John Lee in the current circumstances, but we are excited for the them to meet nonetheless.

Second, we are hoping that Henry is included in all events of our little family, including tough times such as these. I believe that we can make memories out of everything situation. Maybe one day we will talk about them around a fire camp and if they ask, where was I? It will great to tell them, even better show them picture of them together. 

Henry Gray announcing his little brother

Some time next week Henry will be joining us. We miss him so much. We are excited to have him here with us. Our first born is fun and easy going. We believe he’s a good big brother. He gives the best hugs, he squeezes the love out of you while saying, “squeeze!”. His mom is missing his chitter-chatter, and snuggles. 

It is the little things. The may seem so little, but they are huge!

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