John Lee – Moving to Stanford University

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.

C.S. Lewis

John Lee recovering for catheterizations lab procedure from the previous day

May 16, 2019

Since Tuesday morning the doctor have been talking about consulting with Stanford University about John Lee’s condition. Yesterday after conducting a catheterization lab procedure they determined that it is best to send him to a specialist at Stanford University. It was confirmed this morning. Updates will follow as soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: May 16, 2019: 4:00 PM

About an hour ago we learnt that John Lee will be flown to Stanford, scheduled, at 5:00 am tomorrow. The details are still fuzzy. Amy and I are waiting to know how much room there will be on the plane. Most likely one of us will be on the flight with John Lee.

UPDATE: May 16, 2019: 5:20 PM

We received vouchers to fly Amy, Henry, Sue (grandma), and I to San Jose. While typing this Amy confirmed that John Lee will be leaving Rady’s, San Diego, at 7 am on May 17. We will make arrangement to be there around the same time he arrive.

UPDATE: May 16, 2019: 8:35 PM

Amy and I are booked to fly to San Jose, CA. May 17 AM.

2 thoughts on “John Lee – Moving to Stanford University

  1. I will pray for journey mercies and wisdom for the doctors. How are you and Amy doing? Where will you be staying while John is at Stanford? Have they told you what they plan to do to John? Liz Snider


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